Main objective

The Business Knowledge Platform aims at enabling businesses to design and implement activities to reduce the impacts of climate change and capturing success stories to inspire others.
Participants will be taken through the fundamentals of climate change and how organizations can measure and manage their impact, using case studies and practical exercises and tools. It will provide the essentials for developing a credible strategy and developing leadership in the field of climate change.

Lebanon Climate Act Training For New Members!

A condensed Lebanon Climate Act training session was organized for the New Members of the Lebanon Climate Act on Tuesday July 24, 2018 at the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture in Beirut and Mount Lebanon. The session aimed at preparing the new private sector members to embrace actions against climate change, and at providing them with the needed know-how and tools for designing their own climate actions strategies based on their objectives, to hopefully emerge as the next Climate Change Champions!

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The Cost of Climate Change on the Lebanese Economy - by Lebanon Climate Act and the Global Compact Network Lebanon

As part of Lebanon Climate Act’s series of Business Discussions, “The Cost of Climate Change on the Lebanese Economy" session took place on Wednesday March 28, 2018 at the AUB, Olayan School of Business, in collaboration with the Global Compact Network Lebanon (GCNL).

The meeting brought together members of the Lebanon Climate Act with members of the GCNL, and in the presence of business leaders such as Mr. Charles Arbid and Mr. Nadim Kassar to address the SDG 13 "Climate Action”, and how businesses can grow despite the cost of climate change on the Lebanese economy.

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Lebanon Climate Act Members Meeting

Lebanon Climate Act welcomes new private sector members! 

Following the launch of the Year II of the Lebanon Climate Act last November, the Lebanon Climate Act private sector members joined their Members Meeting at the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Beirut and Mount Lebanon.

The meeting was attended by the existing members, the Climate Change Champions that have recently succeeded in creating their climate strategies, new companies that are joining the program this year, in addition to presidents and representatives of syndicates and businesses groups in Lebanon.

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Let Lebanon Breathe Again! #LebanonClimateAct

The new #LebanonClimateAct event -- which will take place in Lebanon at USJ on the 18th of June-- launched a campaign called "Let Lebanon Breathe Again". The promoting act of this campaign is as challenging as it looks: some may assume it's simple, but try holding your breath for one whole minute and you'll see that it's harder than it looks...

Post your own video of yourself trying to hold your breath for one minute. It's a fun act that you can do anywhere, anytime, and with friends or family to see who holds the longest! By making this act popular, you would be strengthening and contributing to the message we're trying to send: a cry for change in Lebanon. This action would be a call for the private sector to hold its breath and commit to take actions that stop polluting Lebanon.

So hold your breath one minute to let Lebanon

Joining testimonials and Hold-Your-Breath Challenge #LebanonClimateAct

The Lebanon Climate Act's new joining members take the "Hold your Breath" challenge!

Follow this link to watch their success stories after they've gone Green:

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